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How we change the world

To day we change the world.

Yesterday We changed the world

and tomorrow we will change it some more.

I said this to a friend today and they just laughed and said “Yea OK sure you did”. Well Yes WE did.

It was only a small change but it equaled a big change. Today we changed someones opinion. My little man was having a small meltdown whilst we were out over no getting what he wanted. Yea I can just pay out as much as he wants when he wants for what HE wants lol. And you know how those little meltdowns make everyone stop and stare and think his behavior is terrible. So After 10 minutes I got sick of the facial comments (that look of disapproval).

Me being me and my little man being himself we carried on as if there was no one around. Then some old lady says to her friend “he would have had his legs slapped in my day for being like that” well this is my day and my son so taking a deep breath I walked over and asked the lady would she hit a child with a Physical disability, would she hit a child who was blind, would she hit a child who could not speak? when she answered “no” I asked why she thought it was to hit a child with autism.

The shock on her face is memorable. After a chat to explain what Autism is and how it affects my some she apologized for her comment and said she would think twice before jumping to conclusions.

Autism is a disability you cant see, there are people out there who still don’t know what it is and how it affects our children and our lives when people judge with out knowledge.

My son might not be able to express himself in a sociably acceptable way so I will be his voice until the world learns to speak his language and stop insisting that he speak theirs.

So Today we changed the world by changing someones opinion and educating them. And tomorrow we will do it all again, one person at a time. Baby steps all the way.


3 thoughts on “How we change the world

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    • Thank you for your comments. It takes a long time and effort to change peoples opinions. The good thing is that People like yourself who chooses to help educate the next generation understand the need to change them.
      Let hope that one day there will be no side ways glances or mutterings under breathes and our kids will enjoy life the way they should. I promise to keep changing the world.

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